Professional Mentorship Services

Junior developers have the potential to add incredible value to your business: they bring fresh perspective, boundless energy, and an infectious desire to learn and grow. Of course, this potential can come with downsides: limited experience with technology, less attention to detail, more risk tolerance, and an undeveloped understanding of best practices to name a few. It is always possible to learn these skills on-the-job, but it takes years, dozens of painful mistakes, and can be discouraging for both the developer and the business.

The best way to accelerate this progress is through supervision and mentorship.

From a technical perspective, mentorship can speed up the learning process, emphasize the use of best practices, provide understanding of risk tradeoffs, and increase a developer's attention to detail.

Mentorship also gives developers a sense of place, and it engenders a feeling that their company cares about their development. In light of the many potential benefits for junior developers to change jobs: more money, new challenges, and the promise of career growth, Mentorship is among the best ways to change this conversation. Even a modest investment in your junior staff shows that you repect and value them, and gives them a good reason to stay onboard. I have witnessed first hand the massive difference that such investment can make. Show your support, provide opportunities, and watch as your new hires grow into mature, well rounded employees who naturally evangelise for you.

If you're reading this, than I you likely understand that the upsides of investing in junior developers can be incredible. In an ideal world, you would allocate a percentage of your senior development staff's time to these mentorship tasks, but for many teams, delivering the features that your company's success depends upon must take prescedence. If this is you, in just a few hours a week, I can help

Weather you are developing an internship program, or simply want to provide extra support for a single junior, I can help you.

Who am I

Over my career, I've worked with startup organizations of all sizes, during all phases of their growth. I have first hand witnessed the difficulties that splitting the attention of your technology team can cause, but have also seen the enormous benefits that investing in junior staff can provide over time. Through years of consulting engagements, I have learned to quickly orient myself in unfamiliar code bases, and to communicate and work effectively with both technical and non-technical audiences. In addition to my technical expertise, I have taught and mentored hundreds of junior developers, and I have a real understanding of how to build a sense of community, to motivate, to encourage, and to teach juniors of a variety of skill levels.

Feel free to peruse my resume, or my LinkedIn profile for more information on my work history.

If you would like to add a few weekly hours of results-oriented dedicated mentorship time, technical oversight, or simply code review for your interns or junior developers, I'm available for consulting engagements.